Kefalonia Cruise

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Kefalonia Cruise


Kefalonia, Fiscardo, Myrtos, Simi

Departure from:Lefkada
Return to: Lefkada
Departure Time: 09:00
Arrival Time: 05:00
Duration: 8 hours
Max Capacity: 8 passengers
Price: 1110-1600

Your cosmopolitan and luxurious excursion. Starting from any port of Lefkada. Heading for our morning swim in the stunning Blue famous beach Mirtos letting you enjoy the stunning view of the mountain and the blue waters at the bottom,Leaving you breathless we can stop at Assos beautiful village and walk around the little streets for an hour or stay on the boat enjoy your swim and your drink.  Then we are on our way to Kefalonia's most famous town, Fiscardo cosmopolitan and beautiful You can enjoy the port and the town area walk in the little streets . If you wish we could anchor on the beautiful port of Fiscardo enjoy a night out and next morning carry on our Kefalonia tour. Heading to Simi on the way we cruise to some breathtaking views between ithaca and kefalonia. 



Start your Yachting adventure from Lefkada to the most beautiful beach and little town of the Ionian

First stop the famous Mirtos Beach , the view and waters are truly unique there, ideal for a morning swim in turquoise waters. We continue yachting in the blue Ionian waters, passing south of Lefkada and across to Kefalonia's beauty, the village of Fiscardo, this little port town is worth discovering and a very popular destination for food and wine. 

The Cruise Package Includes

- Snorkeling gear
- Towels
- Free Wi-Fi access


- Greek breakfast
- Greek salad
- Local homemade bread
- Fresh fruits
- One complimentary drink of your choice - wine, ouzo, beer, juice, refreshments or water.


- Luxury cruise around Lefkada and Kefalonia.
- Swim in Mirtos Beach and Fiscardo
- Enjoy a full Yachting day
- A luxury experience of a lifetime

Upon request

-Pick up/drop off taxi

- Traditional Greek Mezedes (tzatziki, dolmadakia, potato salad)
- BBQ prepared on board (Pork chops or Chicken fillet

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