Family Yacht Cruise

You don’t have to spend your family vacation on Ionian Islands going to the same beach every day. Instead, offer the ones you love a gift of seeing the most beautiful places of Greece safely floating on a luxurious and comfortable yacht that you can have all to yourself, because this is the kind of holiday destination where each day can be different from the previous one.

You can explore the lovely sandy beaches, swim in the turquoise water, visit the secluded Greek villages or ancient monuments scattered all over the Ionian Islands.

Most importantly, your children will have an opportunity to ride on a boat and there’s nothing that makes them happier and provides more fun on a holiday than that. They love jumping off the boat, diving and discovering new spots. Lying on the same old beach in the hot sun every day is their worst nightmare. You can join them or just relax, sunbathe, read a book or browse the internet using our Wi-Fi.

Family Visit To Ionian Islands

The most famous Ionian sea islands are Lefkada, Corfu, Paxos-Antipaxos, Kefalonia and Ithaca. It would usually take you years and multiple visits to Greece to see them all, but with our yacht you can experience each and every one of them at once. Organize your family time however you want and make the most out of your trip to this beautiful country.

Lefkada is known for its white sandy beaches which means your children can safely play in its shallow waters and build sand castles. Corfu is historically one of the most important parts of Greece, with multitude of castles that children can climb and explore. Paxos and Antipaxos islands are full of sea caves waiting to be discovered and visited, creating a once in a lifetime adventure for the family.

complete Yacht cruise For A Family

When you’re on our yacht, your only job is to relax and enjoy your holiday and we’ll take care of everything else. Our experienced and professional crew is there to help you with anything you may need and to get you safely to your desired destination.

Your captain will tell you where all the best and most beautiful beaches are, where you should go for a nice Mediterranean family dinner and what places you definitely must visit.

You don’t even have to think about preparing meals for your family because we got it all covered. As soon as you board our ship we can have a breakfast waiting for you to enjoy while we sail to our first destination.

By the time you have a swim on the beach or straight off the yacht, we will be ready to serve you lunch made from Greece’s finest produce.


When you and your children get tired from all the swimming and sunbathing, you can always retreat into our comfortable luxurious air-conditioned interiors. Adults can have a rest in our living room, while children take a nap in one of the bedrooms.

Your crew will dock the yacht at the port of your choice so you can have an evening stroll in one of the charming Ionian cities and maybe even stay there for the night.

We know you want to be sure that you and your family are protected on our yacht, which is why we provide all equipment according to the maritime law to ensure your safety, even though the Ionian Sea is known for its calmness and weather is hardly ever unfriendly to its many visitors.

Request a quote for one or more days on our yacht and ensure you have a holiday like you’ve never had before. We will answer in no time with no strings attached.

Family Yacht Cruise On Your Own Terms