Greek Island Yacht Cruises


The Ionian archipelago must be the most interesting of all in the entire Greece. The beauty and uniqueness of each Greek island in the Ionian sea can only be experienced on a yacht cruise. The secluded beaches, undiscovered coves, unexplored shores and blue caves can easily be reached by a boat and make your summer vacation once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Often conquered by the mighty nations, Ionian islands are rich in history and intertwined with Greek mythology. Every monastery, every castle, every cave or a beach tells a story that dates back to the beginning of the civilization. No island in Ionian is boring or lacking in history.

If you are not the type to roam the museums on a summer vacation, you will surely be amazed by the nature of the Ionian islands. It’s the green cypress hills and olive groves separated from the vast turquoise sea only by the white cliffs, rocks and beaches. It’s the smell of the pine trees mixed with the sea air and vapors of the local Greek cuisine.


Family Yacht Cruises And More

Staying in the same spot for a week or more can be a worst case scenario for a family. Parents easily sink into the routine of finding a spot on the nearby beach and children simply get bored of the unchanging places.

Add a touch of luxury and adventure to your family holiday and book a yacht cruise around the Greek islands. Your kids will be able to explore different shores, they can visit old castles which are scattered all over the Ionian sea and you can enjoy some free time on board or in the local taverna.

We don’t limit ourselves to family cruises only - friend groups are welcome as well. Party from dusk until dawn on our yacht or in the clubs of Zante. Have a never ending fun on your multi day or a weekly cruise. Live the life of the celebrities and VIPs who can’t imagine their vacation without a luxurious yacht.


Crewed Yacht For The Best Greek Island Experience

Sure, you could browse the internet looking for the best places and best restaurants, but only the local can share the hidden secrets of the Ionian with you. Our captain can take you to the secluded sandy beaches that can be your own for that day, he can recommend the little known local tavernas in the small towns of Ionian islands and tell you what are the craziest clubs for when you are looking to have fun.

We have a professional cook who will prepare healthy Mediterranean meals on board, but you are free to have your lunch or dinner anywhere you want.

We have organized every little detail so that you don’t have to worry about a thing except perfecting your swimming and jumping moves and having fun.


Book Your Lefkas Yacht Charter Today

You can come to the Greek islands every year and still not experience everything that they have to offer. Often you will waste too much time on the roads in the rented car and too little at the sea.

This common tourist mistake can be easily avoided by renting a Greek island cruise and planning your summer vacation in advance. Booking your Lefkas yacht charter on time will ensure that you get the best possible experience that suits your needs and summer plans.

Depending on how many days on a yacht you book, you can go as far as Zante’s white beaches or old town of Corfu. When you book your yacht for one day you can sail around Lefkas or Kefalonia, for example. Every destination will give you new experiences and new stories to tell.