Luxury Boat Rental

Discover the beautiful island of Lefkada and other captivating destinations in the Ionian Sea by renting a fancy crewed luxurious yacht just for yourself and your friends and family. Sure you can rent a car or a motorbike and sentence yourself to hours of driving on the hot Greek summer sun far away from the water. By renting a yacht, you will be able to reach any beach, even the ones barely accessible from the land. You will feel the excitement of being on the open sea and, more importantly, you will be able to visit all the Ionian Islands. Yes, there are bareboat yachts, too, but that means you have to focus on driving, avoiding multitude of yachts that occupy Ionian sea in the summer and plan your meals in advance, instead of just enjoying your vacation that you eagerly waited for all year.

You can visit entire Lefkada island and the nearby islands of Corfu, Ithaca, Kefalonia, Paxos-Antipaxos and many others in a few days simply by sailing on your yacht. Any other form of transportation would require a longer holiday, complicated and stressful organisation or years of traveling to Greece. Plus, there is no better way to experience the Greek islands than to approach each and every one of them from the sea.

Travel Ionian Islands On The Yacht

Ionian archipelago must be one of the most beautiful ones in the world. Color of the sea that is hard to distinguish from the equally blue sky is the first thing that amazes anyone who comes to Greece for a holiday.

Lefkada is known for its wild beauty and white stone that earned her the name. Island of Zante or Zákynthos is the perfect marriage of white sands and clear blue water. Ithaca has an important place in literature, but its beaches are still largely uninhabited and unexplored. Paxos and Antipaxos islands are hiding many emerald caves along their rocky coasts that are waiting to be visited. Corfu is known for its history as an island frequently visited by the British, the French and the Venetians who each made their mark along the way.

These are just the most famous islands, but you can visit whichever ones you want and see the things that interest you personally.

Your Own Private Yacht For A Day Or More

Renting yourself a luxury boat is, without a doubt, the best way to spend your summer holiday. Every day can be a new adventure and you get the maximum of privacy to rest, have a small boat party or simply explore the vastness of the Ionian sea.

We provide you with the crew that will be there to take care of everything while you just relax and enjoy your time on the ship. Your captain will gladly take you to all the best secluded beaches in the area or the best restaurants with Greek delicacies and tell you the local’s best kept secrets.

You can have meals prepared on the ship by our professional cook if you don’t like to get off the boat. If you want to escape the sun for a while, you can retreat into the cool and comfy interiors of the yacht.


Book your Lefkada luxury boat right now to ensure an unforgettable holiday or just request a quote. Once we agree on the price, your yacht will be waiting for you.

There is no better way to spend your holidays in Greece than to enjoy all the benefits a luxurious yacht has to offer and to organize your time however you want.

Give yourself and your friends and family a gift of an unforgettable summer in the Ionian Islands.

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