Ionian Sea Islands

Lefkada, the birthplace of Greek goddess Aphrodite, must be one of the most beautiful holiday destinations not only in Greece but in the entire world. No wonder its most popular beach Porto Katsiki always has a place on the list of the greatest beaches and almost everyone’s bucket list. White sand overshadowed by the huge cliff with the turquoise Ionian sea gently touching the shore is synonymous with vacation on Lefkada.  But Porto Katsiki is not that easy to reach and unless you want to spend a beautiful summer day in a rented car, you will have to go by boat. Since you’re going by boat why not rent a luxurious crewed yacht that gives you a piece of mind, allows you to start your day when you want and stay on your desired destination as long as you want?

Ionian Sea Islands

Lefkada is one of the most magical Greek islands, but the Ionian sea is full of world famous destinations that you must visit in your lifetime. You can go to Ithaca, the home of Odyssey, still largely unexplored by tourists. You can visit the island of Corfu that enchanted the British, the French and the Venetians throughout centuries and who still gladly come here for a holiday or an entire summer. You can swim with sea turtles on Zante or Zákynthos as most people call it. You can explore the emerald caves of islands Paxos and Antipaxos. The possibilities are endless and all of them include the beauty of the Ionian sea.

Your Own Private Crewed Yacht

When you reserve your own private yacht, it allows you to arrange your holiday any way you want. Spend an entire day on the same faraway beach or visit several of them in a few hours. Have a party on the boat or sail in search of the perfect beach party on the Ionian seaside. Bring your friends for a crazy summer vacation or enjoy the peace and quiet of the open sea with your family.

Whatever you decide, you will always have professional two person crew on the yacht. Your captain is a local from the Ionian Islands and he knows all the best places you should visit, be it a secluded beach or a charming little restaurant, that you won’t find in any tourist brochure.


ULTIMATE Ionian Sea Experience

We set our sails as soon as you board the yacht and head to your desired destination while you enjoy our homemade breakfast crafted by your own personal chef. You can then go for a swim on the beach of your choice while we prepare the authentic Mediterranean lunch from local ingredients just for you. From then on we can continue to another beach or to the local town so you can have an evening stroll by the sea or have fun at the beach party until the morning hours. Your yacht will be docked at the port of your choice, waiting to embark on the new journey as soon as you wish.

Interior is luxurious and comfortable and most importantly air-conditioned so you can use it to hide from the sun or have a much needed rest after the swimming. In case you like to explore the Ionian sea below its surface, we always bring our snorkeling gear with us.