Cruise the Ionian in Style with Rio Frio Yacht

Departure from: Lefkada
Return to: Lefkada
Departure Time: 09:00
Arrival Time: Around 18:00
Duration: daily or Multi
Max Capacity:10 or sleeps 8 passengers

Suggested Route


A beautiful way to discover one of our favorite island of the Ionian.

Ithaca world famous for Homer Odyssey classic book of the Ancient Greeks

Quite frankly the most popular trip boasting the best spots of breath-taking island of Ithaca. This is the finest excursion to discover and explore the most beautiful parts of Ithaca with option of sleeping at one of the Ports (Vathy or Kioni) and carry on next day to different parts of the island and beaches.

Heading to the beautiful island of Ithaca and visiting the alluring Afales beach for our morning swim. Next stop will be next to the port of Frikes. the nature is incrediblue and the waters so clean and clear it will be the best beach to explore and play with our water toys 

Next we can be visiting other stunning beaches of the island or relax and visit Kioni a little but very beautiful port with tavernas restaurants

After we can return to the lefkada but a night at Vathy and next day carry on with Ithaca will be twice more beauteful and adventourus than just one day. 

Departure from the main port of Lefkas or Nidri port at 10:00 a.m. Arrival to pick up point before sunset around 18:00

You can customize this trip to suit your exclusive needs.

The Cruise Package Includes
- Complimentary taxi service
- Surprise gift
- Snorkeling gear
- Towels
- Free Wi-Fi access

- Greek salad
- Local homemade bread
- Fresh fruits
- Bar with local wine, ouzo, beer and other refreshments

- Cruise in style
- Swim in crystal clear waters and explore golden-sandy beaches
- Discover the full Yachting experience
- An experience of a lifetime.

Upon Request

- BBQ prepared on board (Pork chops or Chicken fillet)upon request


Lefkada - Ithaca

When you book your Lefkas yacht charter, you get to see the places in the Ionian archipelago that the others rarely have the opportunity to visit. One of those places is the island of Ithaca, famous for its crucial role in the literature, namely Homer’s epic The Odyssey. What was once the vibrant kingdom of Odysseus, now has turned into one of the most quiet and peaceful places in the Ionian sea, perfect for those who don’t like crowded beaches and loud restaurants.

Lefkas yacht charter can pick you up wherever you want - in the port of Lefkas or Nidri or anywhere else in the area. We sail off to Ithaca in the morning or whenever you are ready and enjoy this island which is still rarely visited by tourists and therefore still full of preserved beautiful nature safe from human touch. The only people on the island are fellow yacht owners and locals enjoying their life and doing everyday activities and keeping their business afloat.

Gidaki and Aphales Beach

Our first stops on the island of Ithaca definitely would be their most beautiful beaches - Gidaki and Aphales. They can only be reached by a boat which means they are mostly deserted. These two, along the Platia Ammos are the beaches you must visit.

There are also Filiatro beach which has warm water and is therefore perfect for children, as well as Dexa beach, close to the village of Vathy.

Vathý Village

Once you have visited all the amazing beaches of Ithaca, swam for hours and caught those sunrays for the bronze skin, you can finally rest in one of Ithaca villages. No matter which taverna you pick, you will enjoy a tasty meal made from local ingredients and some of the best fish specialties you have ever had.

Vathý village is also the capital of the island which means there are other things to do besides dining like visiting local museums and churches. If you wish to visit other villages on the island there are Perahóri with its medieval ruins, Stavrós, Kioni and Anoyí.

Don’t be surprised if on the table next to you, you spot world famous celebrities. They love to come to Ithaca where they can hide from curious crowds and just enjoy their summer days off. Ithaca is also the place where many Athenians have built their summer houses and nobody knows better than them which places in Greece are worth visiting.