Lefkas Holiday on a Yacht

Lefkas is one of the most beautiful islands in the Ionian archipelago, but its beauty is even more evident when you watch it from the sea while avoiding crowds and dusty roads that usually come with hot summer days. It would be a shame to visit Lefkas and stay in one place the entire time or go to the same beach every day, when there is so much more to see and explore. Maybe it’s the famous beach of Porto Katsiki that was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with its white sand, huge white cliffs and turquoise sea. Maybe it’s the unexplored and secluded beaches of the Lefkas island like Egremni beach that are waiting just for you. Maybe it’s the numerous caves and monasteries along the rocky coast that speak about miracles of Greek nature, culture and history.

If you wish to visit other Ionian Islands, we will be happy to take you anywhere you want to go. Corfu, Ithaca, Paxos and Antipaxos, Kefalonia or Zante (Zákynthos) just to name a few of the most popular ones. Each of them has its own kind of magic and offers new experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Crewed Lefkas Yacht Just For You

Organise your Lefkas holiday on a yacht however you want and free yourself from the limitations of the land transport. Everything worth seeing is close to the sea be it a beach or a fishing village. You are free to make your own itinerary or leave it for the captain to suggest his own, which is not a bad idea since he knows all the hidden places of Ionian sea that the tourists usually never get to see.

There’s nothing better than taking a dip from the boat wherever and whenever you want, spending an entire day sunbathing and relaxing in the open sea with nothing but sounds of water splashing and a few seagulls. The only thing that can compare is jumping from beach to beach and port to port in order to see as much of Ionian archipelago as possible.



Design Your Holiday the Way You Want

Have your own party on the yacht or join the one you spotted on the beach. You can have all your meals prepared by your personal chef or go to the nearest little restaurant or a tavern to taste the excellent local food. We also provide free WiFi so to help you stay connected and instantly share photos and videos of your amazing holiday.

The modern Azimut 46 Flybridge motor yacht is equipped with all the necessary gear that ensures your safety. But, no worries, because the Ionian sea is sailor’s favorite and known for its calm waters and indefinite sunny weather throughout the entire summer.

Book your Lefkas yacht now to ensure an unforgettable summer in the emerald waters of Ionian sea or just send us a request for quote and we will answer right away.