Return to: Lefkada, Nidri
Departure Time: 09:00
Arrival Time:  18:00
Duration: 8 hours + 1 day
Max Capacity: 10 passengers or accommodates 8

Price:1 Day + 2nd day 25%discount

Suggested Route

Kastos is ideal for connecting with nature, reconnecting with your family and, if you wish, disconnecting that mobile phone. Kalamos and Kastos, these two tiny pastoral islands are little gems hidden far away from city noises offering enchanting and peaceful beaches and a truly serene atmosphere.

We cruise to the North part of Kalamos where the most beautiful beaches are and we anchor at Episkopi Beach. The clear waters and the rocky surface make for a stunning view of the island from the yacht. After a refreshing swim we head to Porto Leone, a small bay usually kept busy only by boats.

Heading to Kastos island cruising towards Milos beach, an incredible destination due to its indescribable beauty and local colours. With great little cafe’s and restaurants an ideal place for lunch time where visitors can enjoy fresh fish and seafood in abundance.

If there is time and weather permits you should ask your captain for a ‘pit-stop’ at Meganisi on the way back to feel the vibe of the island as a combination of the three KALAMOS – KASTOS - MEGANISI.



You can add a second day with a discount to stay and enjoy the beauty for 2 days.

Our Captain is disposal to ask for any route changes and make your sea excursion an absolutely personalized experience.

The Cruise Package Includes

- Snorkeling gear.
- Free Wi-Fi access.
- Greek salad
- Local home made Bread
- Fresh Fruits
- Contemporary drink -local wine,  Ouzo, Beer, Juice, Refreshments and Water.

- Cruise across Kalamos Kastos.
- Swim Kalamos Kastos islans
- Enjoy a full Yachting experience
- An Experience of a Lifetime.

Upon Request

- Traditional Greek Mezedes (tzatziki, dolmadakia, potato salad)
- BBQ prepared on board (Pork chops or Chicken fillet)

-Seafood pasta salad

-APA(Drinks and food you might need while you stay at Rio Frio)

Meganisi - Kalamos - Kastos Yacht Charter

When you have been on a Lefkada for a few days and you feel like you need a change of scene or a new adventure, we suggest taking a Lefkas yacht charter to the island of Meganisi as well as nearby smaller islands Kalamos and Kastos.


Everyone sailing their own yacht or booking a charter must visit the island of Meganissi. It is called Sailor’s Island, because all the yachties gather here for their share of smooth sailing and still waters where they can rest and have a meal in peace. Meganisi is known for its beautiful pebbled and rocky beaches, namely Agios Ioannis, Spilia and Spartochori, as well as its small town life in villages of Vathi and Kathomeri. You will be enchanted by its little tavernas and their menus always offering fresh local food, as well as the way of life that didn’t change for decades and still refuses to adjust to tourists. However, this doesn’t mean Meganisi won’t give you a warm welcome, just like any other place in Greece.


Kalamos got its name after the reed plant, but its mighty mountains covering almost all of its surface are far more dominant. The port of Kalamos is where most boat lovers come for a quick fish meal and a rest from their long travels. It can be reached only by the individual boats or the ferry and apart from that its five hundred inhabitants are pretty much cut off from the rest of the world. It has plenty of pebbled beaches which can only be visited from the sea. However, there have been announcements of modernization of the island, so this can be your last chance to experience unspoiled local life.


The island of Kastos is so small (only 8 kilometers from its top to bottom) it has only one village and yachties love it for the privacy it offers. Its otherwise peaceful tavernas become full of life during summer months and sailors from all over the Ionian gather here for some fresh seafood and an island experience like no other. Its fifty inhabitants travel everywhere by boat and some visitors are so fond of Kastos, they never miss a week or a month without visiting it.

Let your cruise of Meganisi, Kalamos and Kastos be the cruise you will remember forever for its peaceful atmosphere and way of life that has been the same for fifty years. Visit the Greece that only locals and yacht owners get to see and experience.