Lefkada Cruise

Cruise in Style with Rio Frio 

Departure from: Lefkada town
Return to: Lefkada, Lekfada
Departure Time: 09:00
Arrival time: 18:00
Duration: 9 hours
Max Capacity: 10 passengers
Charter Price starts-  1250 -1550

Suggested Route

Our adventure begins from the island of the Lefkas (Lefkada). Departing from the port of the main town we head to Kathisma beach on the way enjoy the relaxing and comfort Cruising while having Lefkadas Mountains giving you an amazing view. We enjoy our first swim in Kathisma early so we can head to Eggremnoi Beach and porto Katsiki which will enjoy play and explore the beaches, providing a unique opportunity to swim and explore those mesmerising electric-blue waters. If there is enough time and you want an early evening stop , we can do that at Sivota bay the most beautiful little port of lefkada with a lot of local tavernas and restaurants.  

Around Lefkada


The Cruise Package Includes

- Snorkeling gear.
- Free Wi-Fi access.

The Cruise Package Includes
- Snorkeling gear.
- Free Wi-Fi access.

- Greek salad
- Local homemade bread
- Fresh fruits
- One complimentary drink- local wine, ouzo, beer, juice, refreshments or water.
- Luxury cruise around the island of Lefkada
- Swim in Egremni and Porto Katsiki beach
- Enjoy a fully-serviced yacht cruise
- Experience of a lifetime.

Upon request

- Pick up and Drop off taxi

- BBQ experience for lunch

- Steward for service and cooking

- APA-Drinks, Food , other necessities you might need during your boat trip. 

Cruise Around Lefkada

If you came to Lefkas for your summer vacation and you would like to have at least one day different from all the others - why not rent a Lefkas Yacht charter for a cruise around this beautiful island?

Even though the visitors from all over the world love spending their holidays surrounded by the Lefkas nature, somehow, it still remains largely unspoiled and unaffected by civilisation.

Kathisma Beach

The cruise lasts about nine hours and starts whenever you are ready, but we suggest morning hours. We sail off from the Port of Lefkada city and head west to visit one of the most beautiful beaches on the island - Kathisma. This is also the closest to civilisation that the Lefkas beaches come - there are several beach bars that serve drinks and food. The water is milky blue and some consider it to be the most beautiful on the island, while the beach is covered with white pebbles.

Egremni Beach

Next stop would be one of the most popular beaches on Lefkas - Egremni. Its beauty is usually compared to the one of Porto Katsiki. By renting Lefkas Yacht charter, you will actually be the one of few who will be able to visit it, since the 2015 earthquake left it inaccessible by foot. The two and a half kilometer long beach has nothing except the pebbles, azure waters and huge rocks, so everything you need you must bring with you.

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki is the most famous beach on Lefkas, in the entire Greece, Mediterranean and one of the most popular in the world. In the morning the white cliffs protect the visitors from the sun, but in the afternoon you will have to find a place to hide from the heat or return to your Lefkas Yacht charter.

East coast of Lefkas island is less mesmerizing comparing to the West, but not less interesting. There is Sivota, charming little fishing village where you can take a break with other yacht owners who like to spend their time here and exchange your experience of Kathisma, Egremni and Porto Katsiki beaches over a tasty Mediterranean meal.

Finally, we make a stop in Nidri, the most popular city among tourists where you can shop or enjoy your view of the neighbor island Scorpios.

Lefkas means “white” in Greek, but visit the island from North to South and see why it completely justifies its name.