Weekly Charters

PRICE €6000/week

Departure from: Lefkas town


Return to: Lefkas town

Departure Time: 09.00 am

Duration: 7 days

Max Capacity: 6 passengers

Weekly charter offer *Get one day free*

Petrol cost is not included and is agreed upon reservation

Renting the yacht for a full week is the typical way to discover the whole of the Ionian. You have the time and freedom to design the route of your choice and discover a different island every day for a week.


H2. Highlights

2x stops every day

Explore the whole of the Ionian

Flexible route based on your preferences


Snorkeling equipment

Accommodation included

Exploring the towns in the evenings

Towels and toiletries




RioFrio Yacht at Gidaki Bay Ithaca.

RioFrio Yacht at Gidaki Bay Ithaca.


Weekly Charter Cruises


There are two ways in which you can spend your summer at the Ionian islands - you can go to the same beach every day or you can hop from one mesmerizing island to another experiencing everything that they have to offer in a single week.

Ionian sea is best known for its turquoise waters, Venetian castles and rich history of conquerors fighting to own this piece of paradise on Earth. It is also known for its small coves, bays and secluded beaches which can be reached only by the boat.

Corfu, Ithaca, Zante, Lefkas and Kefalonia are just some of the islands that you can visit during one week on a yacht charter. Instead of coming back to visit a different place each year, visit them all at once and the return next year to repeat this amazing experience.

The true beauty of the Mediterranean lies in its hundreds of hidden places, undiscovered coves and charming little tavernas that offer great food and even better hospitality. You can lay on the sandy beach in the morning, jump off a rock in the afternoon, stroll around the little town in the evening and party in the best clubs during the night. The next day you will be on a completely different place doing completely different things.


Family Yacht Charter And More

Weekly yacht charter cruises are perfect for families. You can take your children to any white sandy beach in the Ionian to explore the clear waters while you rest on the yacht. Our cook will make you a healthy local meal, so you don’t even have to worry about bringing food on board.

Our weekly yacht charter is also perfect for holidays with friends. You can have fun on Zakynthos, explore the wild beauty of Lefkas and history of Corfu all in one week on a crewed yacht.

You are free to visit any of the local tavernas and enjoy the homemade Mediterranean food whenever you wish and enjoy your meal with the sound of the waves gently touching the shore.


Crewed Yacht Charter

You can browse the internet for days, but you can never find all the secret places in the Ionian the way a local can. Let our captain show you all the best destinations along the west coast of Greece and you just relax and have fun.

Start your day on a yacht when you wish, make as many stops for swimming and exploring as you want and let the Ionian sea become your playground. Begin your journey at Lefkas and then head south to the famous Ithaca, visit Kefalonia, marvel at the white shores of Zante and stop at Meganisi on your way back.

Your children will be occupied with new experiences from snorkeling to swimming at a new place every day and you can enjoy the kind of holiday where every hour is different from the previous one.


Reserve Your Weekly Lefkas Yacht Charter Today

Don’t wait for the last minute until you have arrived to your Ionian resort to find a yacht on which you can spend your vacation. Many of them will be already booked and you will be left with very few choices that probably won’t be able to meet your needs.

Instead, request a quote for your weekly yacht charter today, while you are planning your vacation, and ensure you get modern crewed yacht that can take you and your family anywhere in the Ionian sea and provide you with tasty Mediterranean meals any time of day.

Spend your summer vacation on a charter yacht, enjoy the luxury of planning your time and your route however you wish and sail across the Ionian sea on your own terms.